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Lust is Boring

May 6, 2023

The lives of the saints seem to offer countless examples of those who pursued holiness in religious and married life, but what about the singles? What was the courtship of the saints like? In today’s episode, Jason interviews author Patrick O’Hearn about his new book on this topic. Together, they discuss: 

Mar 30, 2023

The Birth Control Pill is routinely prescribed to treat everything from acne to irregular cycles. But is it necessary? Is it overprescribed? In this episode of Lust is Boring, Jason interviews Dr. Danielle Koestner, and the two discuss: 


Why is ovulation a vital sign of health? 

If the pill isn’t the answer, then...

Mar 17, 2023

What’s the point of teaching fertility awareness to women when they’re single? In today’s episode of Lust is Boring, Jason interviews Jackie Aguilar and Erin Dewey about why fertility awareness clubs are taking off on college campuses!

  • Why aren’t college women aware of their own fertility?
  • What does ovulation...

Mar 10, 2023

In the midst of struggles within marriages, families, singleness, and dating relationships, how can you find joy? Today, Jason interviews Chris Stefanick, and the two discuss: 


·   Is joy a decision or the result of an outcome? 

·   What’s one thing that can destroy even healthy relationships?

·   Why is joy so...

Feb 26, 2023

Is it just you, or has dating become overly complicated? On today’s episode of Lust is Boring, Jason interviews Dr. Mario Sacasa. Together, the two discuss: 

• Should you break up or hope for the best? 
• What impact does trauma, anxiety, and mental health have on relationships?  
• How can you know if a...