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Lust is Boring

Aug 24, 2020

Jason Evert reveals why the birth control pill can reverse the gender of rainbow trout, cause monkeys to breakup, change the shape of your eyeball, increase your risk of breast cancer, and potentially dull your libido permanently! In this program, you’ll also discover the sexist history of contraception, and why one...

Aug 10, 2020

Jason and Crystalina tackle questions on chastity in marriage, leaving a toxic relationship, the problem with masturbation, how to know if you’re sexually compatible before marriage, contraception, gender as a spectrum, what to do if a spouse is disinterested in sex, choosing a spouse, and lots more. 

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Aug 4, 2020

Jason Evert interviews Sarah Swafford on mental stalking, how to navigate through the "grey area" of a new relationship, managing heartbreak, wearing tights, texting your ex, and how to go from "hey" to "I do."
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