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Lust is Boring

Sep 24, 2020

Are there really 58 genders? Isn’t gender just a social construct? There’s no shortage of questions when it comes to the topic of masculinity and femininity. In this episode, Jason tackles these questions, plus: 

  • What if my friend wants me to use “their” preferred pronoun?
  • What does the Church have to say about...

Sep 16, 2020

Women, you’re not the only one.

All too often, the topic of sexual purity is presented as something that’s exclusively a male issue. As a result, women who struggle with pornography or masturbation are left to feel as if they’re the only ones.

But this isn’t just a “guy” problem.

Finally bringing this topic...

Sep 8, 2020

Jason offers straight answers to tough questions on porn in marriage, the importance of chemistry, dating people of a different faith, marital infidelity, dealing with anger in a relationship, controlling lust, abstinence in marriage, healing from a bad past, why the Church honors only women as virgins as saints, and...

Sep 3, 2020

Chris Stefanick: Identity and Sexuality
Jason interviews Chris Stefanick and discusses healing from sexual abuse within marriage, untangling lies, finding one's identity in Christ, and more.
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