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Lust is Boring

Feb 25, 2021

Jason and Crystalina go LIVE for this episode of the Lust is Boring podcast, answering a wide variety of questions from listeners, such as: 


  • How do you deal with jealousy? 
  • Is sex OK if you’re planning to marry? 
  • What if a guy thinks you’re too independent for him? 
  • How do you heal a broken heart? 
  • Where can I find a good Catholic woman? 
  • How can guys avoid coming on too strong? 
  • Is it wrong to use secular dating advice? 
  • How do you keep boundaries without feeling guilty? 
  • How can you love your husband better? 
  • Is it ever okay to cohabit? 
  • Where does the bible say sex before marriage is bad? 


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