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Lust is Boring

Mar 25, 2021

Is your virginity the greatest gift you can give someone in marriage? You might be surprised by our answer! In this live broadcast of the Lust is Boring podcast, Jason Evert interviews Rachael Gieger about her recent blog on the topic and the impact of "Purity Culture." Together, they explain why you’re not valuable because of your virginity, but rather your sexuality is valuable because of you! 


In this episode, we unpack the seven negative effects of Idolizing Virginity: 

  1. Leaves non-virgins feeling as if they’re damaged goods. 
  2. Contributes to the myth that virginity = purity 
  3. Contributes to the myth that the absence of virginity = the absence of purity
  4. Puts undue emphasis (and blame) on women
  5. Exacerbates feelings of betrayal between potential future spouses 
  6. Contributes to reverse objectification 
  7. Can lead to feelings of anxiety or frigidity within marriage 


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