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Lust is Boring

Dec 8, 2022

Cold showers? Fasting? Penance? Is asceticism helpful or even healthy when it comes to living out chastity? In today’s episode, Jason interviews James Baxter, the founder of Exodus 90. Together, they discuss: 

• What should a Christian’s daily plan of life look like?
• What’s the point of fasting?  
• Can asceticism improve my capacity to love? 
• And more… 

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“Let those, then, who are singularly active, who think they can win the world with their preaching and exterior works, observe here that they would profit the Church and please God much more, not to mention the good example they would give, were they to spend at least half of this time with God in prayer… They would then certainly accomplish more, and with less labor, by one work than they otherwise would by a thousand. For through their prayer they would merit this result, and themselves be spiritually strengthened. Without prayer they would do a great deal of hammering but accomplish little, and sometimes nothing, and even at times cause harm.” –St. John of the Cross